500,000 Punches!


500,000 punches done

500,000 punches to go


For those of you who joined us in our 10-1 Club challenge (which started Monday 1st May), and stayed with it…



Let’s keep it going


Yesterday, saw us crossing the half a million mark, and I am sure that you are feeling so much better about yourselves now, than you did at the start of this campaign, with your core feeling stronger, your punches easier (and faster), and you arms even feeling bigger?

Just imagine how you will feel at the end of this journey together.


Oh and just in case anyone did start but lost their way throughout the course of the last five weeks, do not be disheartened, there is still a way to get back in the saddle, either by summing up where you got to so far (numbers wise), and continuing from there (remembering that this is a personal mission and that YOU are doing this for YOU), or, by joining in with the second half of the course and going for the cool half a million goal?!


This five weeks idea should really interest those who fancied the 10-1 Club, but maybe feel they heard of it a little too late, or, those who didn’t feel they could either commit to the length of ten weeks, or maybe perhaps felt one million punches, a touch ambitious for them.


It is not too late to join in.


Join us this coming week, on Monday 5th June and begin your own person campaign of:


5 Weeks – 500,000 Punches!


Just go to WingChun.Online and scroll down the homepage, then click on the golden ticket.

We’d love to see you there and even share your experiences with us.


Here’s a couple of punching tips to help you achieve your target.




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