1,000,000 Punches, Done!


One MILLION punches, BOO-YAH!


Over the last ten weeks I have posted about this twice before, however I do feel it needs mentioning once again.


On Monday 1st May 2023, we started our wingchun.online 10-1 Club (10 weeks to complete 1,000,000 punches), either choosing option one, 15,000 for six days and then 10,000 on the seventh day, or option two, 20,000 punches per day, with two rest days (most likely being weekends).


Personally I chose option two (20,000 per day) meaning that I finished my own run yesterday and I must say, it felt GREAT.


The original idea was born through my personal training, when in the early years (for the first 20+ years at least), I used to drill 10,000 punches per day, along side Form work, kicks, stepping etc. and always wondered what it would be like to do a million.

During the Covid lockdowns, I realised that I’d not done this for SO many years and wanted to get back into it, not just the 10,000 per day, but by going for the big one.


I must admit there were a couple of days around the 600,000 mark, when I had missed a few days training and thought, ‘What have I gotten myself into?‘, but knowing our members were also joining in the campaign, it managed to get me through and get back up to speed.


I am so proud of everyone who has done this, and those who are still going, remember this does not finish completely until midnight on Sunday, so if anyone is still on their 15,000 and 10,000, or anyone playing catchup, YOU CAN DO IT!


At the finish yesterday, I must admit feeling a little emotional, a little like when finishing a marathon!

Although I did run my last 2,000 set to the Rocky IV soundtrack training montage, on full volume!

Getting emotional about punches, may sound a bit silly, but after ten weeks of drilling 20,000 per day, it’s not until you see the finish line that you realise what it is you’ve just completed, and on Thursday, if anyone asked me if I would do it all over again, I would have told them to get stuffed!


Some of my students confessed that at one time they had slightly doubted my previous claims of 10,000 per day, but after tackling this mission, one of my Instructors said he found himself doing 10,000 before going to work!  🙂 


At Thursdays wingchun.online livestream class, someone asked if I would leave the link to the 10-1 Club live, as they found it inspirational and would like to return to this again in the future, I agreed.


Therefore if you are interested in taking this goal on for yourself, just go to WingChun.Online and scroll to the bottom of the home page, there you will see the golden ticket, click on that for more information and to find some support and guidance to help you along.


Once again, I am SO PROUD of everyone who joined in the fun.

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