Youth Is Wasted On The Young


Kids today eh?


Never have I felt so strongly about this.

As George Bernard Shaw said:

“Youth is wasted on the young.”


“They’re brainless, and don’t know what they have,

They squander every opportunity of being young,

On being young.”


On Tuesday night, while driving home from my school in Leeds, which incidentally is 150 miles away from my home (yes, you did read that correctly), a three-hundred-mile round trip, taking five hours of driving, for every two-hour class.


Anyway, during these long drives I am rewarded by having the time to think, and last night my thoughts were on age.


Over the last forty-plus years of training, and thirty-plus years of teaching, I have allowed myself to be punished in ways that I now, let’s say, regret a little, and all of this in the line of teaching, taking the hits so that my students do not have to.

In fact, as I type this blog, I do so with both of my little fingers broken and enjoying arthritis to comfortably set in.


Anyway, the reason I pursued this so strongly, was through my wanting to create a faster way of being able to pass across the teachings of my Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun, as his father did to him Great-Grandmaster Ip Man (of course) unnecessary dragging out the training time needed.


I have posted my concerns in the past, regarding those teachers who, ‘hold back’ students, by telling them that, ‘they are not ready yet’ or, keeping them on Siu Lim Tau for WAY too long.

Now, of course there is importance within the basics, and of course these need to be drilled and understood, but you also NEED to let these basics go at some point, and move forward, otherwise your Wing Chun will never be allowed to be your Wing Chun.


So, as to my initial thoughts…


I found myself pondering over the mega stars of the world, the super successful as it were, movie stars like Tom Cruise, music stars like Michael Jackson, martial arts stars like Bruce Lee and so on, and the reason that these people were so successful, was that they started when they were young.

Now, I am not saying that if you are not young then you cannot be successful in what you dream of doing, what I am saying is stop putting it off!


To look at this further…


As I drove down the motorway, I looked up at a fly-over, where there were a series of round-abouts and slip roads, and I started to think, ‘That took some planning’, as did the great bridges through history, the viaducts, the railways and canals etc., and all of this from idea to completion, took some guts, to decide what needed to be done, and to follow it through.


Unfortunately, there is a downside to this thinking too, the crooked politicians who only get into power because they went to Eaton, the super-rich business owners who got there because of their parents’ previous wealth, and of course the upper classes, those of the higher echelon of society.

In most of these cases it would be fair to say that rarely would someone from poverty, me, become a Lord (not that this is such a good thing anyway).


I looked up Lord and, in the dictionary, it read:


A man of noble rank or high office


It also said:

Lord is an appellation for a person or deity who has authority,

control, or power over others, acting as a master, chief, or ruler.

I don’t think so, do you?


So where am I going with this?


Well, what I am saying is that if you want something, go for it.


If you want to start learning Wing Chun, you are not too late.

If you want your Wing Chun to progress faster than it is at present, you can.

And if you one day, dream of teaching Wing Chun and having your own group, this is possible too, and it does not have to take decades…


This is what I trained for all these years, and acquired all these broken bones for, so that you do not have to, and this is also why I created WingChun.Online


So, if you really think you would like to one day teach, maybe open your own school, then do it, join us today at WingChun.Online and let us help you to do something positive, without wasting years in the process.



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