Wing Chun, if it’s not comfortable, it’s not right


Stop trying to force yourself into the most uncomfortable positions and stances only to look like you have a medical condition that you didn’t have before you started!

In Fook Sau for instance, the elbow should be pulled into centreline, but not forced.

If you force the elbow in and use tension to do so, what will happen when you relax again, it will just move out again.


Encourage yes, but do not force, there is a difference.


Can’t get your toes fully in when opening basic stance? So what!

As long as the feet are flat on the ground, knees over the toes, bottom tucked in, and back straight, then you have good posture and will gain strength in grounding.


The knees should be bending inward yes, but ALLOW this to happen, do not FORCE it.


This is the fastest and best way of getting your Wing Chun to work for you, go with what your body is telling you and do not always fight it.

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