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Some of you may have read my ‘Teacup Story‘ blog, and if not I will leave a link at the bottom of this post, but this is regarding something I saw as I was finishing my cup of coffee this morning, something which blew me away with its immediate connection to Wing Chun, and even more so with Siu Lim Tau.


As we progress through our studies of this amazing system, we are always tempted (naturally) to rush on to the next level, to leave the first Form and move on to the one with all the stepping and turning (Chum Kiu of course), or to want to leave the second Form and get on to the wooden dummy, or knives, and so on.

Now this is one way of training, as long as you appreciate that you will at some point have to go through this all again and correct the things that you rushed through the first time around.

If you are ok with this then great, to be honest, this is what we all have to do anyway, time and time again, as on each revolution we gain a deeper understanding of what we are doing, but ideally, we should try to stay in the moment and appreciate where we are today, not only looking at where we want to be tomorrow.


Making fast progress is not a bad thing, in fact this was the very idea behind Wing Chun in the first place, to take all the best things the other styles had to offer, making a new style to be learn in a short space of time, rather than the basic 25 year apprenticeship of Shaolin, and not take time on the things that may possibly be thought of as slightly less important (like paying thanks to the animals for sharing their knowledge etc.), this is also why we should not be disrespectful to other styles as we may be disrespecting ourselves considering it’s where we got our own techniques from?


Fook Sau – White Crane

Biu – Snake

Lap Sau – Tiger – etc.


The coffee connection I mentioned refers to this layering idea of training, in that, providing we have not progressed too rapidly, and did actually learn each Form along the way, then for each Form we move forward with, we should be gaining a better appreciation and understanding of the one we have just left behind.

Providing you follow one golden rule…


What you are learning is ‘As Well As’, not instead of.


Using this method of training we learn the first section of Siu Lim Tau, then the first and second, then the first, second and third, and so on.

Meaning that by the time you get to the third section, the first section would have had three time more training and therefore three times the better performance, as long as you trained this property from day one and every day, because:


‘Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent,

It is only Perfect practice makes perfect’


Looking at the image again at the top of this post, notice that even with daily scrubbing and cleaning, the bottom of the coffee cup is much darker than the top, this is because this part of the cup has held the coffee for the longest.


So when you train today, whatever you train, it doesn’t matter what it is, just see how what you are doing can help to give you a better understanding of an earlier Form or an earlier singular technique, you should be quite surprised.


Thank you for reading.


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The Teacup Story


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