What Will Your Forms Give You Today?



Which is the most important form in Wing Chun?


Which ever one you are training at that time.



How should I play my Siu Lim Tau?


However you like, depending on what you want to get from it that day.


One of my greatest points of admiration for Sifu Ip Chun is that he understands the forms so well that when he plays them it is always with the correct attitude.

By this I mean, for himself.


If he feels like playing Siu Lim Tau in a particular way that day then he will do it, regardless of who is watching (or even filming).

This is why sometimes his forms may appear slightly different from time to time.

When you fully understand the form it should always be open to interpretation (application wise at least).




Personally I can only speak for myself and my students (that includes you by the way) when I say that, my personal schools website is called ‘purewingchun’ called so because since 1985 I have not changed the forms as I was taught them (apart from a couple of Sifu’s recommendations regarding his Fathers wishes).

I mention my school site because¬†I have the attitude that someone, somewhere needs to still be table to learn original Wing Chun as it was meant to be, this is why I have changed nothing but kept it pure, this is what is meant by ‘purewingchun’.

Applications however are a different story and have grown and grown as our understanding of the forms allows us to gain more and more from them.


So, perhaps the question is not:

‘What Will Your Forms Give You Today?’


‘What Will You Take From Your Forms Today?’



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