Why Are You Learning Wing Chun?





My students learn Wing Chun for so many reasons, whether this is for health, fitness, interest in the arts or even just for the social element, but all of these reasons are accompanied by the bonus of street self defence.


Of course people DO learn for that reason alone but what I am saying is that this should not be the only reason for learning.


If so, you may train for ten years for a fight that may last only a few seconds, or (fingers crossed) you may train all of your life for a fight that never happens!


You could be training for just a few months and your Wing Chun could save your life.


Now I am not one to promote violence, nor do I try to justify it, but if it comes along you should know how to handle it.

And incidentally, knowing how to handle a situation does not necessarily mean fighting, it means exactly what I said, knowing how to handle a situation.

Defusing it or not allowing it to escalate in the first place.


Sometimes however, there is no choice, and you must do what you need to do to stay alive.


Therefore, when training your attacks do try to remember what you are training them for, REAL defence against the bigger, stronger opponent, who is putting your life at risk.

So, IF YOU MUST HIT, then hit hard and hit fast.


The difference between you and them is that you should know when to stop, they, may not.


There is a saying, ‘I can teach you all the moves but I cannot teach you how to fight’.

There is very little actual training for this.

Apart from just going out and getting in fights!

Which then stops your Wing Chun being for self defence and turns you into the very person you were trying to defend against!


Therefore, do not make this your reason for studying Wing Chun, there is so much more beauty to the art, and the defence side should be the last resort.


UNTIL, it is needed.


Enjoy your training.

Make it fun.

But do it properly.


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