Which Area Of Your Training Needs Work?


Which area of your training needs work?


A tricky question perhaps and one you may find difficult to answer?


Ok then ask yourself this,

“What are you good at?”

This should ne much easier to answer AND, also give you the answer to what needs working on, because what needs working on is the exact opposite to what you answered you were good at.




But what do we train if we genuinely feel that we do not have a preferred side or technique?




Arnold Schwarzenegger once discussed how he would not build one body part more than any other, saying that if the calves get bigger then everything must get bigger, otherwise this is all out of proportion.

This is the same for your Wing Chun,


Do not have a bad side, do not have a preferred side

Do not have a bad technique, do not have a preferred technique

Because a preferred side or technique IS a bad side or technique


So the next time you get to train your Wing Chun, go through all that you know, if you know all six forms then great, train all six forms, and throughout this journey try to see which areas are lacking.


Perhaps you may have been avoiding these areas without knowing it, such as kicks or turning stance, THIS is how we become the best at what we do.


Happy training and happy discoveries


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