Where Does The Time Go?




Today is my youngest daughters fifth birthday, and while enjoying her birthday party I cannot help by think:

Where has the time gone?


It only seems like yesterday that she was born, as my wife recalled every single moment of the day and the build up to it the evening before.

What we ate, where we’d been and the exact timing of each step throughout that sequence of events.

And all this just reminds me of the students after students who seem to be able to recall when they had their beginner course and even who was on that course with them.


Because growing up is like your training, when you allow yourself to just be absorbed in it, over time you will not realise how much you have learned, how much you have grown and developed and how the years will fly by.


If you are a parent you may not notice the growth of your children so much day to day, but others will, in the just the same as when you were a child, visiting a distant family member only for it to be commented:

How much you’ve grown‘.


You may not notice it, but others will.


So enjoy your training on a daily basis, don’t always try to look to the future thinking where you want to be, but instead, as with Chi Sau, stay in the moment and experience what is going on right there and then.


How many of us as kids wished we were older only to now wish that we were younger?


Having the skill to enjoy the now, this moment and the time you are in, makes every day a birthday.



Happy Birthday Jessica.  XX

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