When SOLO Training Beats Partner Training (Part 1)


Training not to flinch/react in Pak’s



We all know how to Pak,

We all know how to defend,

But do we know how to do nothing at all?


What I mean by this is that when we train our Pak Sau drills etcetera, we are supposed to be giving our partner something to react to, either by jamming the Pak, stopping with the back hand, redirecting across, using a Kwun Sau, and so on, BUT, what about when we want to check that the Pak was correct in the first place?


This is when we need to ability to do nothing.


With regards to any follow-ups, it is worth remembering that the only reason for a follow-up, is because your initial Pak simply wasn’t good enough.


When running any exercise for long enough, there is always a danger of becoming complaisant with the detailing, and when this happens, all we are drilling now are mistakes, okay so they may get faster and they may get stronger, but even so, all you are left with is faster and stronger mistakes, and the irony here is that these mistakes are not usually being caused by the one doing the Pak, but by the one receiving it.


To NOT brace for impact or allow your arm to absorb the power when hit, is not easy, and takes practice.


The video below is a clip from my class where I am approaching the best way to address this issue, and please do look out for ‘Part 2’ of this blog when I explain this further within Chi Sau and street work (Released Saturday 18th June).


Thank you for watching.




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