What a week it’s been


On Monday I spent a lovely evening at ‘Huddersfield Wing Chun’, where I was invited to give a mini seminar and what a great group of students they all were.



Tuesday was spent with my class in Leeds where we had a wonderful night of training and all finished off with Wing Chun circuit training.

Then on Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Jeremy, one of our online students from Poland but works in Paris. It was great that he took the time and effort to come all the way to my place in Northamptonshire so we could spend some time together.

And finally on Saturday, a Chi Sau Gathering at our headquarters in Leeds which hosted a variety of skill levels from a variety of different schools but all with the same goal of sharing experiences. Saturday also gave me the chance to meet Stephanie, another of our online students who travelled up from South Yorkshire to be with us.

It’s a shame this photo was taken when many had already left.



Thank you to everyone for your kindness.

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