You may be wondering, ‘What’s the difference between Level 2 and Level 3 then?’


Well, Levels 2 and 3 are pretty much the same but in Level 3 you have constant direct contact with me via email and also monthly video checks for me to look in on your progress.


Level 3 also includes all assessment costs, there are five assessments and cost at least $40 – $80 each.

You also receive all the future help you’ll need should you wish to teach or run your own training group (which we recommend).


If there’s more than one membership in a household there’s possibly no need for two Level 3 memberships, unless you are both wishing monthly video progress updates etc.


Because two people cannot use the same account at the same time, on separate devices, or share the same account on multiple IP addresses (as it will automatically shut down in order to protect your account from hacking or theft) a good idea is to have one member on Level 3 and one on Level 2.

That way you both have the right to your own training programs and bookmarks etc. but with the Level 3 person using their extra detailed training and understanding to help guide the other one.



Sifu Ward

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