Want to be good at Chi Sau? Then stop making mistakes!

There are many things to consider when playing Chi Sau, while at the same time trying to stay in the moment and keep open minded.

Thinking of the right arm, the left arm and the legs all working as separate entities, not letting one be distracted by the other while at the same time working for the greater good. Trying to think of not only hand positions but also defence and attack again all at the same time. To use the right amount of energy, support that with structure & lineage and then immediately get back to zero. And on top of all that remembering the core principles of body position, energy, reaction, technique AND making sure to keep relaxed throughout.

The truth is that you do not need to remember all these things (and more) but that they should have already been done, providing you understood, respected and drilled your basics when they were offered to you, after all, that is what they were there for.

Dan Chi Sau, Lap Sau exercise and Pak Sau drills cannot be underestimated, practised properly they will be invaluable to you and could well be the reason why you win or lose at a later date.

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