Want to get training partners and start your own group?


How do I get training buddies?


A question put forward by a student in our members Facebook group, and I know this is supported by many more of you:



Hello Sifu,

I’m very motivated to continue to learn Wing Chun, but the biggest problem I am facing is not being able to find partners to train with.

I have asked everyone I know or that I would trust to be reliable and willing to learn, but I’m having no luck. I know I can train on techniques by myself, but at some point, I need to be able to play Chi Sau and such with a training partner. I’m beginning to get discouraged and have been considering if it’s even worth trying to continue to learn if I can’t find someone to workout and practice with.



This is a good question and a fair point, and your concerns are valid.

In answer to your question here is part of a previous answer:


“Before you can partner, you need to know what you are doing yourself; how to stand, how to punch, what the blocking positions are and so on, most of this you will need to do on your own, before even looking for partners (that way you may feel more confident with what you are doing).”


If a person can join a school then that is great, as wingchun.online will help you to better understand what is being taught. However if you have no school to attend, then why not create your own training group?

This is simply like-minded people training together, allowing ME to be your guide and teacher, with you being the group leader – calling for partner changes, arranging the next meeting and deciding on what videos to watch and study before the next session.


Just going for it and starting your own training group is the perfect solution.

I suggest searching on a wider scale: putting a post on Facebook, printing the poster we’ve supplied attached (edited with your own contact details of course) and displaying it at local gyms, stores or university campuses.

Essentially just asking if anyone is interested in studying Wing Chun along with you.

It may start very small, but it could turn out to be something wonderful.



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