Turn The Power Off!


Maybe not that much?


When it comes to developing the correct use of power or learning in general how to create Explosive energy, the secret is not how fast you can switch it on but how fast you can switch it off.


When people in Wing Chun refer to being relaxed, this is always going to be open to some criticism.


Of course by relaxing we are not trying to just be floppy and gangly, thinking that this method of slouchiness will in some way deter our attacker, it is more a case of this:


Anyone can be tense.

Anyone can be relaxed.

Anyone can be relaxed and then tense.

But not everyone can be relaxed, tense and then relaxed again.

THIS is what we are searching for


This is trained initially in the 2nd section of our Siu Lim Tau but is more a case trying to connect with our smaller muscle groups, finding our ‘Fast twitch fibres’  and generating the same amount of power that big muscles may have, by collectively using our smaller muscles (if that makes sense??).


Here’s a little clip of explosive energy in use, try to notice how as soon as the muscle are used, there are smithed off


‘As soon as you use it, lose it’


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