Tops Off!

Topless please!


I recently went into a supermarket wanting a can of coke and was directed to the quick snack sale area where there were only plastic bottles.


I returned to the help desk explaining that I didn’t want a plastic bottle and preferred a can due to recycling issues.


While there, a very kind young assistant offered to get me one from upstairs (why upstairs I do not know) anyway, I was left chatting to a lady regarding what happens to what we throw away our plastics and was shocked to hear something new.


Apparently, when we throw away our plastic bottles (milk etc.), if the lid is still on then it simply goes to landfill and NOT recycling, this is due to the lid being a different type of plastic and not compatible.


We can send a camera to Mars but we cannot take a lid off of a milk bottle eh?


When I told my wife this we were both shocked to think that all of the good work we thought we’d done over the years recycling had simply gone into a landfill, and this got me thinking of all the students over the years who have come to train with me from different lineages of Wing Chun only to then believe that what the had been taught previously, and for so long was a waste of time (their words not mine!).


To this concern I’ve always had the same approach and answer,

If you’re at all happy with the things in your life right now, even if you can find just one thing, like your partner, your family, your children, your business or work, or the fact that you’ve just discovered something new (I’m talking about Wing Chun of course), then by changing just one thing in the past, there’s a strong chance that you would not have that one thing, (or if you are lucky) the many things that you are happy with now.

Because whatever path you have taken and whatever you have done in the past, it has brought you to this moment, right here, right now.


Change is good.

The past is the past.

Learn from it and move forward.


So I do not believe all my recycling in the past has gone to waste, but more importantly I now know that my future efforts will be guaranteed to get where I intend them to go.


Spread the word people.

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