Think You’re Ready To Move On?


Are you sure???


Now there is nothing wrong with being keen and wanting to progress, in fact not being keen and not wanting to progress will only see you stagnate, stagnation will lead to boredom and boredom will lead to the inevitable demise of that particular endeavour.




Why is it that in Martial Arts everybody feels they are ready to move on to the next level before they probably are?


Again I fully understand the want and desire to improve and move up the ladder (Whatever ladder THAT might be???) but too little time, too little attention and too little respect given to training, often coupled with a misguided direction, and all we have is a recipe for disaster.


If you were having flying lessons you wouldn’t be saying to your instructor after only a few hours:


“I’m ready to go solo now”


because mess up then and you may be killed!


So why rush our Wing Chun training?


Then, move on.


I am not suggesting that you stay on basics for ever either, or that you make sure everything is perfect before moving on (because it’s never going to be anyway, that’s why, even as teachers, we all keep training), I am just asking that you spend enough time where needed before the next step rather than simply rushing ahead for the sake of it.

Such as skipping an element of training, or even an entire Form let’s say, just perhaps because you’re not so¬†interested in THAT area of the system.


By the same token though, I am pretty sure you would UP your training mentality if someone looked into a crystal ball and told you that in exactly twelve days time you were going to have an unavoidable street fight.


Worth thinking about eh?


So train steadily and train seriously, this way you enjoy your training and you enjoy your life.


Thanks for reading.



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