The Three Dimensions Of Chi Sau



Chi Sau with my Sifu, Ip Chun


No matter how you play Chi Sau, you must allow yourself the freedom to explore, this can sometimes mean going a little off track, how far off track you go could be the difference between success or disappointment.

We may all learn to drive a car the same way but what we then do on the roads by ourselves, may well be very different, and losing control there could mean a lot more than just your insurance premium going up, if you know what I mean?


It is key that we take responsibility for our our mistakes so as to better our understanding of the game, and this can be achieved by paying attention to the early drills within your Wing Chun training, and not just wanting to rush on to The good stuff (rolling), because by doing so will quite likely bring with it all sorts of mistakes, mistakes which did not need to be there.


Rushing training, and by that I mean moving on before you have truly understood it, can often mean you having to do it all again, so take your time within the early drills and develop this understanding of:


The Three Dimensions


Earlier this week I mentioned this idea of, the 3 dimensions of Chi Sau when announcing on Facebook that our WingChun.Online Monday night livestream class was now uploaded for our members to watch on catchup, and shortly after it was posted, I was hit with the question:


“What 3 dimensions?”

Therefore, this blog post is for you.  🙂


In this clip, again from one of our weekly WingChun.Online livestream classes, I addressed the idea of The three Dimensions of Chi Sau, via the drills we play prior to rolling, as this was an intimate livestream class, and not intended for public viewing, please excuse any lack of video quality.


I hope you enjoy the clip and get something from it.


Thank you for watching



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