The Taste Of Wing Chun

More than just salt and pepper


Today my wife has been getting very creative in the kitchen, baking breads and preparing a vegetable curry for dinner, smelling these wonderful flavours drifting though the house gets me thinking of the difference between fine dining compared to the ‘All you can eat buffet’, style of dining (and I use the term ‘dining’ VERY loosely), of course there is a vast difference between Robuchon’s L’Atelier and the Taco Bell!


Often in my analogies I pay reference to training Wing Chun like being that of a chef in training, trying to think of each of your technical elements such as a Cheun Mar (Turning stance), a Tan Sau, Bong Sau, Biu’s, Sarm Bok Mar and Paks etc. being like the spices we need to get familiar with in learning to cook.


When applying a defence rarely would it ever be a simple singular technique, but more a combination of several techniques;


A Pak Sau for instance will most likely be used with a Cheun Mar, elbow energy AND the Pak, just for starters (‘Starters’, get it?).

A chef will always taste a dish and then decide if it needs more of this, or some of that, a dribble of this and a dash of the other, therefore, knowing completely what each spice will add or retract from the overall affect is crucial.


Equally so, when such time has been put into the creation of such a wonderful dish, the same time should be put into eating and appreciating it.


If you had been made a meal by Heston Blumenthal I’m sure it would not be met with joy should you request a spoon and some tomato sauce!


At WingChun.Online we may offer the quantity of an, ‘All you can eat’ buffet but it should be taken onboard with the elegance of a high-class taster menu.


Stuffing your face too fast will only cause you to feel ill and probably give you a lengthy stay in the restroom (enough said).


It is the same with your training, DO NOT RUSH, allow yourself time to let techniques physically and mentally digest before moving on to the next level.


The best chefs in the world did not become so by smashing their faces into a trough of congealed mush, they appreciated every morsel.


Try to develop a refined palate rather than be a belly buster.


Enjoy each flavor, Or lesson, for what it has to offer, and in bite size pieces, rather than always thinking of the next course and just snatching at the desserts menu, not that desserts are bad you understand;



‘Oh, and desserts is stressed backwards’

And I found THAT piece on knowledge on the back of a book of matches!


Bon Appetit everyone!


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