The Siu Lim Tau Box (Part 2 of 2)


Can you over-reach in Siu Lim Tau?


Following on from Part 1 of this post, where I discussed the idea of training your Form by way of better understanding your parameters, I would like to add to this with a video.


In this clip, from one of our livestream classes, we had just finished Siu Lim Tau when I wanted to address a couple of points, and their relationship to centreline and overcommitting.


This piece is quite long but I am sure you will find it interesting, and hopefully give you something to consider when playing your Forms.


This class was not originally intended for public viewing, but later realised that these points were worth sharing.

For this particular session I was allowed the use of my children bedroom (not my usual school).  🙂

(Oh and just for additional information, I will be showing the moves ‘mirrored’).


Thank you for watching.


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