The ‘Punch’ In Dan Chi Sau


Where is YOUR thinking?


Dan Chi Sau is one of the earliest partner exercises we train in Wing Chun, but as you progress, where is your thinking when striking, not only in the palm but the punch as well?

Are you even attempting to strike, or simply going through the motions?


Some people choose to play this at long range, where personally, I like to be close enough to land the palm strike, should it not be deflected by the Jum Sau that is.


Lut Sau Jic Kuen

(Lost hand, straight punch)


The idea being that, if it is not stopped, do not stop.

This is the thinking behind all of our techniques in Chi Sau, so why not embrace this from day one.




Are you thinking this way when going for the punch?


In the video below I discuss how we can focus much more on this drill and use it to improve all of our Wing Chun development.


Thank you for watching.


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