The Importance Of Training Solo


Is your aim actually set correctly or are you being stopped?



I will often refer to my students the principles behind competitions such as X FACTOR, or BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT, AMERICAN IDOLTHE VOICE and so on, when we listen to a singer perform.

Sometimes when listening, the words are all correct, the music is wonderful, the voice is in tune, BUT there’s just no passion, no soul or feeling behind those words, and in the same way you can listen to a singer and it gives you goose-bumps and a lump in your throat.


Because of their direction and intension.


When we finish each section of the Wooden Dummy we see the use of a Kau Sau and a high Wan Jern (side palm), but this palm never lands, instead it makes contact with the crossing Jong arm and finishes looking like a high Garn Sau.

So does this mean that we should not take this attacking approach and merely go straight to the Garn position?

No it does not.


This is also the thought behind Lap Sau exercise, after Lapping we know we will direct a forward punch, BUT it will be intercepted by the Bong, preventing its completion.

So again, does this mean that we should not take this attacking approach of the strike and merely go to the final punching position?

No it does not.


And yet this happens



Therefore do not lose focus on what is behind these exercises or underlying within them, by training them solo, by training what is required within YOUR part of the drill.

Also by playing more Mo Jong (No Dummy) so that you can feel what is meant to happen rather than being overly restricted by the limits of a tree.


The following video is something I practice in class occasionally where we use the partner drills without a contact, only using the partner as a timer reference.

In this video we look at Lap Sap Ex. but this can also be done with Dan Chi Sau.

For many, this is not as easy as it seems but when mastered, really help to clarify the correct feeling when trained properly later.


Perhaps you may wish to try it in your own classes or as the blog dictates, solo.


Thank you


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