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A wonderful surprise


Yesterday, I was once again honoured to be invited to Harrogate Grammar School, to share with a group of young students, some Ip Chun Wing Chun.


This is something I have done for several years now, and it is always a joy to see the next generation trying this wonderful art, and seeing the joy in their faces when they realise they are actually able to do this!


This, initial invite was to teach larger groups than previously, with 500 students, spread throughout the day.


Yes, 500!!


Luckily, this was changed at the last minute with only around 350 – 400 students attending, and, spread through six, fifty-five minute sessions, with each session having me demonstrate and share the Wing Chun style to them.


Although the groups were very large, I did manage to get each group to practice, Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar, Tan Sau, Punches, Biu Mar, Mirror stepping, and even the action of gaining a contact.

Plus demonstrating speed punches and board breaking, along with introductions to the Wooden Dummy, Knives and Pole Form.


I was so happy that I was able to show my Sifu’s (GrandMaster Ip Chun) Wing Chun, so I was doubly surprised when, as we broke for lunch, I received a photo from Sifu’s Son (Ip Kong Chiu) in Hong Kong, showing the Master, holding the introduction for my book!


The book is not released yet, although considering Sifu did ask me to take photos for it, back in 2004, and that the Master is now 100 years old, I really do think I need to make the move VERY soon.


My thanks go out to all the students and teachers at Harrogate Grammar School, for all your hard work and for your kind invitations, and also to my Sifu (and his Son), for the wonderful surprise.


Oh, and do keep a look out for the book (it won’t be long!).

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