The Distraction Method


A trick you should know,

Either to use yourself

Or to make sure it’s not used against you.


Before watching this video I would like it to be known that I am not presenting this as some kind of a sucker punch, merely as an extra tool you may wish to use in the goal of defending yourself when there is no course of action left available to you than actual conflict.


By this I mean, if you can walk away, walk away, and if you can defuse the situation, defuse it, BUT if someone is in your house at 3.30am with a balaclava and a crowbar, this is probably not going to be settled with a cup of tea and a chinwag now is it.


In a situation like this, it is quite likely you will need to act first, this ‘trick‘ may help you to be successful.


Personally I do not promote violence, nor do I try to justify it, but if it comes along you should know how to handle it,

THIS is the approach and attitude I wish you to watch this with.


Thank you



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