The Biggest Wooden Dummy Tip (You Should Know)


Most people will be making this mistake and not even know it.


Most of you will either know the Dummy Form or are planning to learn it at some stage.

Either way, when it comes to it, you will probably feel as though you are doing right, and you may well be, but do you (or will you) know why you may or not be doing it right (or not)?


The basic question behind this is:


‘How much should I be stepping and why?’


But stepping in with what?

The front foot or the back foot, and in which section do you mean?


Now this will differ from person to person depending on various factors, and it is for these reasons that you may be doing it right, but probably not know it.

It is vital when playing the Jong, that you, ‘Stay in the moment‘, in exactly the same way that you would when playing Chi Sau, for if you take your eye off the ball in either case, there will be repercussions.


The simple idea is this, whenever you make a mistake in the Wooden Dummy Form, the mistake is usually not be where you found it, but three moves before.


This topic came about after an online student wished for some feedback on a videoed submission of the Jong, which then led to this question being approached in our Monday night livestream class.


I had decided to make a blog explaining this further, but after closer inspection of the class recording, decided to use this clip as an explanation.


The video quality and sound of this clip may not be the best (as it was not meant for public viewing), and do forgive the location, not being at my school but in this case, in my daughter’s bedroom.


Please do take the time to watch this full clip as I a sure you will find this interesting, and of course, if you wish to know more about our training (and the twice weekly livestream  classes etc.), do join us at WingChun.Online where you can learn the full system under myself, Sifu Colin Ward, senior Western student and first generation disciple, of Grandmaster Ip Chun since 1991.


Oh and as a final note… 167cm is 5’5″  🙂


Thank you for watching.


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