The 1,000,000 Punch Challenge


10 Weeks – 1 Million Punches!

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If you will indulge me for just a moment, I would like to explain where, and how, this idea came about…


I first discovered Wing Chun back in 1982 and after soon discovering how fast Wing Chun punches could be, I couldn’t help but train them more, and more, and more, to the point that I would drill 10,000 of them every day, not in one sitting, but with Forms or kicks, stepping etc. slipped in between throughout that total.


My main reasoning for this commitment to punching, was that I believed everything in Wing Chun was down to punches, well at least the mechanics of them, wether that was Pak Sau’s (where the back hand becomes the front, then the back hand becomes the front again), to Lap Sau (again where the front hand becomes the back hand, and the back hand becomes the front), and so on.

This is the same when we begin to morph through the changes of Garn’s (up on the inside), Kwun’s, even the changing of Bong Sau’s, basically, everything, with the one exception being the Garn’s in the Knife Form.


For this reason, my need to drill punches, grew and grew, and it was over 30 years ago that I then had the original thought:


‘Wouldn’t it be great to say you did a million punches?’


Well here we are, and now I am ready.


It was during the Covid lockdowns that I realised I had allowed things to slip a little, so I hope you will now join me in making this epic journey an actual success.


Please watch the video below for more information, then head over to to register, purely so as we can experience this together, sharing our ideas and our progress.


Let’s make this happen,

Spread this idea to as many people as you can

Let’s do something amazing together.

Thank you


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