Taking A Break


Recharging my batteries


Hi All,


Just to let you know that for two weeks (from Friday just gone) myself and my family will be on holiday in Scotland, on the beautiful Isle of Harris.

So for the remaining ten days or so I will not be around as often to answer your questions etc.


My school will still be open, Livestream classes still running and full use of the Forum and every other part of our facilities will still be at 100% with zero affect to your training.


Personally however, I will be off the grid much more, so do please be aware of any potential delays in replying to questions etc. but please do continue to contact me with any issues you may have.


I will be training everyday and taking advantage of the fresh air, and I hope you will all join me in a daily Siu Lim Tau and let me know how you are getting on with your personal training too.


Of course I will still be checking in periodically, just not ten times per day!  LOL


Happy training and see you all shortly.





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