Straight Elbows or Circular Hands?



Are they rolling, or are they straight?  


On Monday 1st May 2023, launched its 10-1 Club (ten weeks, to do one million punches), during one of our livestream classes we had moved into discussing how to develop stamina when executing so many punches, allowing us to train longer and achieve higher numbered sets.


In order for us to achieve these higher numbers, we needed to look to the philosophies of Taoism.


Wing Chun is often connected with the ideas of Taoism (not a religious connection), and in Taoism it is said that;


‘In life, in the search of perfection it is not what we take on board, but what we get rid of’’ 


In the clip below (taken from that class), we also discussed how better to appreciate the path in which the elbow takes (straight), instead of being distracted by the visuals of the hands (appearing circular), the forward and backward ‘piston’ mentality of the of the elbow, connected with the additional thinking that whatever goes forward, goes backwards too, therefore for every punch we train, we are also training our returning hand, which means that by this rational, there should be no excuse for poor Wu Sau’s.


Toward the end of this clip I give an exercise to compliment the punching method and also help you to gain more precision within your rolling of Chi Sau.


I hope this helps you to increase your punching ability and refine your Poon Sau.


Thank you for watching. 


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