Still Not Found A Training Partner?


Training every day is a good thing but it must always be for the right reasons.

For yourself


I tell my students that you must not learn Wing Chun, JUST to able to fight, as you may find yourself training for ten years for a fight that could last three seconds.


Or, fingers crossed, you may train all life for a fight that never happens.


Then again however, you may train for six months and it could save your life.


The point is this, if training is enjoyable then it is rewarding every time you do it, and your body will thank you for it, especially for the Siu Lim Tau.


As for those who mainly train on their own..

Boxers will always be told by their trainers that ‘The other guy’ is running one more mile than you, going one more round than you, doing one more push up and one more sit up than you.


Now who was it that said?

‘I’m not training to be better than the other guy, but to be better than I was yesterday’.

Or something like that anyway.


Oh and by the way, there is a comment I use in this video clip where I say, “Why are you skipping like a girl?”


Please do not take offence to this.

That comment, in that context, is being directed at a male boxer, and the kind of person who would take offence at such a comment.

The point being, I am saying something that would be used to cause an angered reaction, and to the kind of person would read such a statement as the opposite to who they may feel they are.


I do hope that makes sense?


Thank you


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