Social Distance Training Ideas (Part 3)


Keeping your distance


Throughout these blogs I have been trying to share with you some ideas I have developed in my classes as a way of still attending sessions and training together but while still adopting a socially distant approach.


In Part 1 I showed a method of training Lap Sau Exercise without contact and mentioned how this could also be done while playing Dan Chi Sau, here is a clip of such a method:



This method of playing Dan Chi Sau is not only safe for your socially distanced needs but also helps to check that what WE are doing is correct without corruption from our partner.

In normal Dan Chi, as soon as the Jum is engaged on the palm strike, we stop the palm strike, otherwise you are training yourself to overcommit, but if the palm is not stopped, DO NOT STOP.

This method also guarantees that your punch from Jum will be on target and prevent being ‘lifted‘ by the Bong Sau.



In Part 2 of these blogs I mentioned the training of mirror stepping using Biu Mar, but this partner training idea can also be adapted for use with Sarm Bok Mar.

The way I use this is to stance face to face with your partner (weight 50/50), decide who is the attacker and who is the defender, and then, the defender will watch for the transfer of weight through the attackers shoulders, which ever side they move away from, is the leg you step back with.

It works best to start with the idea that the attacker will only be stepping forward, with the length of stride being varied between that of a shuffle and that of a lunge, and after each step, going back to a 50/50 weight stance, ready to train the single step again.

When you feel comfortable with this, add a third dimension to the game by deciding if the step is to be followed forwards or backwards, although the initial weight shift idea will remain the same.



Another method I use is:

Attack and Defence Distance Training



The idea here is simple.

We all know how to train techniques to counts, but a reaction to an attack is usually triggered from one of two reasons:

Audio or Visual

This is an opportunity to train the visual while still keeping a safe distance.


I do hope you get something from these ideas and of course,

We all long for the day when we can train again properly,

But for now we all have to do what we can.

Stay safe everyone and happy training

See you in Part 4

Thank you 


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