Social Distance Training Ideas (Part 1)


Keep your distance!


Over the last six months I have had to reinvent my teaching methods and come up with new ideas time and time again in order to try keep things fresh when running livestream classes.


Since we were allowed to reopen classes in August, we have of course still been affected by social distancing, and when class training required it, only allowing ourselves one partner, and with that person preferably being already in their social bubble or a family member.


Since then further restrictions did allow classes to take place but with zero contact.


I would like to share some of the methods I used in order to keep people training, keep them focussed and to help them:


‘Stay in the moment’.


This first clip is of playing Lap Sau exercise but with no contact, the idea being that you cannot be carried, should your technique be lacking in any way.


This way of playing really helped students to realise where their punch should actually be heading rather than simply dropping it onto their partners Bong Sau and expecting that tio be enough, this also seemed to be the case for guards and Laps.


Thank you





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