Sarm Bok Mar Drills?


Sarm Bok Mar

(Three point stepping)


Sarm Bok Mar (Three point stepping), called so because of the three points within the step (bizarrely), this being that when you are stepping forward we would have the original front foot position (1), the turning of that front foot position (2), and the step through completing the move (3).

Stepping back of course this would simply be in reverse.


“But what is the point of the drills themselves?”


Well there are different reasons for this, firstly let’s look not at the stepping but the foot positions, one foot in front of the other, not quite in Biu Mar, not quite in Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar.

Therefore making it betwixt and between, and a very common position indeed, but the question was, What about the drills themselves?


The Sarm Bok Mar drills are simply confusing exercises I make up as a way of engaging your brain, therefore giving you less room to think about the footwork, this way I get to see if this feeling has become a natural ability for you or if you are still trying to think about it.


When we come to using this for real, then of course there will not be a series of moves, forcing you to complete an intricate sequence of techniques as you walk backwards down the street, what it does do however, is teach you to read range.


The video below gives an idea of how Sarm Tok Mar drills can help us to not only better understand this but also to feel comfortable when doing so.


Thank you for watching.






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