Punching, Through Pulling


Driving from the elbow


Have you ever had an issue with your fists colliding when executing chain punches?

If so, this is likely to be because your lead arm did not get out of the way successfully enough to provide the correct line for the following punch, so how do we do this?


Now before I begin, to any Wing Chun practitioners reading this, it is more than likely that you will be thinking, ‘I know how to punch thank you very much’.

And, I’m not going to disagree with you, however, some people may just be getting away with this without knowing why/how, some people may not be getting away with it at all, and some people may just like a simpler way of explaining this to your students.


Before we get to the video, I like to think of Siu Lim Tau as playing your punches in super slow-mo, and training your punches as playing Siu Lim Tau at super-speed.


Therefore. in the clip below, during a private session (with the students permission), we discussed the path of the elbow in Siu Lim Tau and how this should be considered as the method used, to create the ‘gap‘ for the punch to go forward, by focusing on the lead arm retracting, from the elbow.


Thank you for watching.


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