Open, Shut – Open, Shut


Well who would have believed it.


At the start of my class last night I would have been proud to be telling you:

“One week ago today I opened my class, for the first time in five months of lockdown”


The place had been cleaned throughout, with socially distancing markers on the floor, a one way system in place, government guidelines to follow, gloves, masks, sanitising stations provided all over the place and feeling the faintest of light at the end of a very long tunnel, suggesting that we may start to see a return to normality.

Well a new kind of normality anyway.


Then the bombshell drops.


During my long drive home, at 11.00pm last night, shortly after I’d pulled into the same service station I had stopped in on Monday 23rd March (and almost the same parking bay too), I listened to the BBC news and was hit with the new plan from Number 10, that from next week the whole country will be going back into lockdown, again, with no groups/gatherings of more than six people to be permitted (indoors or out).





So that’s it, our doors will closed once again, with no indication as to how long this will be for, and you know what, being completely honest with you, I took this news better than expected, and thought to myself;

‘Right! ¬†Well that’s it then, I’m gonna start training at home for real!’


Because in times like this it is more important than ever that we focus on keeping ourselves both mentally and physically fit and prepared for anything.


Therefore I will dedicate more of my time to my online training and teaching, to make sure that at we offer the best possible substitute to those who felt they desperately needed their class training to start again.


I say this because of all the wonderful messages I have received over these past months, of how training Wing Chun has helped so many to ‘Keep it together’, and through these messages I know that the thought of school reopening was a real goal for them.


I really feel for these people and I know this sounds a bit preachy but balls to it.

We will still be here for you and will keep you moving forward, helping you to achieve new goals and be ready for when this craziness finally comes to an end.

And it will come to an end.


We will be there for you as a school and I will be there for you as your teacher, so keep strong everyone and let’s get through this together with a positive attitude.


Who knows what direction this will take by next week, there MAY still be a chance that schools can stay open, let’s just see.

Either way we will be here for you.


Stay safe and keep strong, in both mind and body.


Thank you




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