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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to give a quick update on where we are with training programs and the progression of wingchun.online


We have been spending this time in lockdown refreshing the site and updating where we can to offer you the best training possible.


When we started the site five years ago, we, (well, I) had one goal, to spread Ip Man/Ip Chun Wing Chun to as many people as possible:

As was my promise to Master Ip Chun when I officially became his disciple back in 1991.


As our online family has grown so has our ability to make better quality videos, especially where sound was concerned, and many more of them too.


Our intentions for the future are to remake the earliest videos with clearer audio and one day to even provide subtitles and translations for the most important of areas, such as energy development and structure.

For now though any chance of completing remakes needs to be put on hold, but we do have MANY more videos in the wings waiting to be uploaded, these are being done as you are reading this blog, with new chapters being introduced such as videoed Q&A and assistance for solo training exercises. 


We are also now  supporting this idea with live-stream classes, these started in May and will continue even after this virus and lockdown has been resolved, and at no extra cost.


Unfortunately there are NO live-stream classes for our ‘CURIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN’ members.


The class for SERIOUS ABOUT and VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN members is currently being held on:

Thursday evenings 7.00 – 7.40pm GMT.


Additional classes for our VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN members were planned to be held on:

Tuesdays at 6.00 – 6.40pm GMT,

However, taking into account our members in Asia and the U.S., I have decided to make:

Another additional Tuesday session (again this is for VERY SERIOUS members only) at

3.00 – 3.40pm GMT

This will mean an 11.00pm class in Singapore and a 7.00am class in California, making it fair for all to make at least one of these extra sessions.


This is still in the early stages and we are finding our feet with what works best for everyone, so bare with us.

Thank you.


Links to the Zoom sessions are displayed in our Private Facebook Group, and how to connect to this members only Facebook group can be found at the top of every Module from 2-18.


Please would VERY SERIOUS members contact me directly for the links to the additional Tuesday classes


Again may I remind you that this service is for SERIOUS and VERY SERIOUS members only

(not for our CURIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN memberships)


I hope you all like the new look of the site when it goes live later this week, and that goes for me too as I have not seen it finished yet myself!


Stay safe, keep healthy, keep training,

And I look forward to hearing your questions and training with you all VERY soon.


Sifu Ward


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