Off The Grid


I think this works as a grid?


Hi Everyone,


For the next two weeks I will be spending some time with my family in the Isle of Harris with very little contact or signal with the outside world, therefore please forgive any delay in replies to messages or uploading of blogs.


I will be checking in periodically (just not every day), so don’t worry my friends I haven’t forgotten you.


I’m sure I will have lots to share on my return and I wish you all happy training until then, I know I will be!


Come rain, wind or shine, I am very much looking forward to playing Siu Lim Tau on a cliff edge, Chum Kiu up a mountain and Biu Gee in the sand, while my head gets filled with thoughts for me to share with you later as we develop our future training together.


My last visit here when I rediscovered energy.


I will also  be using this time to get back to nature for myself and to discover new and exciting ways in which to connect and share Wing Chun with you.


Greatest respect,




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