No Stopping


But if you have to stop,

DO get back into it as soon as possible


When it comes to training we all know that you should train and train, and that progress comes with continued dedication, however there are times when this may not be so possible, like when you are ill for instance.


A couple of weeks ago I was hit with a flu followed by an infection, after a recovery this in turn was followed by a birthday surprise of being taken for a short break away, all added up, this turned into my not being at class training for a few weeks.


This week I was glad to be at class but my word did I find it difficult to get back into, and afterwards, everything hurt.


So remember (not to quote any supermarket logo’s but) every little helps, try to do what you can when you can and it really will help to keep you ticking over, even when you’re not feeling on top form.

Little and often is the ticket.


Through my aches and pains I couldn’t help but be reminded of something

Ip Chun said:

“You don’t stop Wing Chun because you get old, you get old because you stopped Wing Chun”



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