Why No Knife Against Knife In The Courses?


I was asked another good question today and thought I’d share it.

Although to be honest I’m sure I’ve just discussed this recently but for the knife of me I cannot recall where?


Anyway, the question was:

“Why is there in the program, applications of knife against pole but not knife against knife?”



The simple idea is that;

knife against knife

pole against pole

hand against hand

The common thread being that they all use the same principles.

What needs to be addressed is opposing principles, such as when the knife is defending against a pole and pole against a knife.


Perhaps one day I will start to add this information but to be honest there is just SO MUCH in the basics that if this is fully understood and scrutinised then you will be able to decipher anything.


When my daughter was 2 years old she could read her books to me, but of course she wasn’t really reading them, she was simply remembering the story she had heard before and mimicked it back to me with the relevant pictures.


But if I teach you to read properly, then you will have the tools to read any book you like and then interpret them as you wish.


I hope this makes some sense?

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