MMA Or Wing Chun?


Well is it Wing Chun or isn’t it?


This morning while answering a students’ question regarding their future training plans we were putting place, I was faced with a rather unusual comment.

This comment was along the lines that in Massachusetts, Wing Chun is not thought of as a respected Martial Art and that;

‘MMA is King’

Also that;

‘If you have MMA, that’s all you need’

It was also dismissed that MMA is a sport and that;

‘Wing Chun maybe more suited toward being the better form of street self defence’.


Now there are various avenues we can go down here, and I have no intention to start saying who is right or wrong, however I do like people to make those decisions after they have had all the facts, or at least taken a moment to view a different perspective.


Firstly, MMA, is a sport, and will always be referred to by those who excel in it.


Secondly, as we all know, fighting in the gage will almost always end up going to the ground, as indeed this is where it is best suited and in its element, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu evolve in such a way as to make it perfect for fighting on the beach, in the street however, this is also the time when your aggressor’s buddy decides it’s a good time to boot your face in.


I might also add at this point that for those considering starting to learn a Martial Art it is also worth considering age/ability, this is definitely NOT a campaign for the older person.


Grandmaster Ip Chun however is still training, teaching and playing Chi Sau at 96 years old, I don’t imagine this would be the case with a grappling style.

Oh and if I’m wrong, and if it is, I’d love to know by who, as they would 100% deserve to be recognized for this.


Anyway, I am not knocking styles here (I never do) but what I am knocking is those who are blinkered and will not try to see both sides or should I say, differences.


We often hear of how Wing Chun was used in the gage and was pathetic and useless, but wait just a minute, for those who attempted to use Wing Chun in the gage, before they were allowed in they were told to NOT use eye strikes, kicks to the knees and so on…


Instead being trained to use roundhouse kicks and boxing, this means that this is no longer Wing Chun and therefore cannot be considered so, this is more connected to that of buying a rail ticket only to be told there is a replacement bus service in force,



As in most cases, over time rules change, early UFC seemed to allow an ‘Anything goes’ mentality, which made it exciting and brutal, then restrictions came in (meaning Wing Chun was out) but as time moves on, these new rules seem to be allowing things to evolve, and to see how the style handles it.

I am referring to the idea that Wing Chun moves should possibly be allowed into the gage.


Below is an interesting clip from YouTube (of which there are many) regarding the use of Wing Chun kicks in MMA and how they should be illegal because of their effectiveness.

Pay particular attention to the comment made at the 1.45 mark.


Oh and when you’ve finished watching it, do remember,

Come straight back here to continue your training!


So to sum up, no style is better than another, this is down to the individual, what you DO need to do though is to find the style that suites YOUR needs, and if you find it great, train well and the best of luck to you for you future.


BUT, while training it, there’s no need to go around badmouthing every other style, otherwise that just makes you a bully, and exactly the kind of person, and even the reason, so many people felt they had to start their training to begin with, NOT the actions of a true Martial Artist.


Happy training and respect to you all


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