Make the most of Now


“Life is what happens while you’re making plans for the future”

John Lennon


This morning I was laid in bed, going through some details in my head for our upcoming family holiday to the Isle of Harris (Scotland), when my six year old son walked in the room and climbed into bed with me for a cuddle, and while there, he asked me, “How long is it until we go to Harris?”


“Two more days” I replied, to which he commented on how much he was looking forward to it, asking if I felt the same, my answer was, “No, not really”.


He was a little surprised at this, saying “Oh that’s sad, why are you not?”, and I explained that, right at that very moment, I was having the best time of my life and did not want to be taken from it for a second.


Not corny, 100% true.


This did get me to thinking of how much of life is wasted through waiting, always looking forward to the destination rather than staying in the moment and enjoying the journey.

This may be looking forward to that big vacation, or even just looking forward to the weekend, a planned event such as a party or a wedding, even a birth, but shortly after it has arrived, that time has gone, so do not waste your life in this way.


This can also be thought of with negative things, such as seeing a huge task ahead of you, like having to dig up a garden, running a marathon, or setting out to do 1,000,000 punches in just ten weeks (by the way, there is still time to join).

The point is that whether this is good or bad, do not waste life looking ahead, stay in the moment, exactly as we must do when playing Chi Sau, stay in the moment, the idea of planning techniques a few moves ahead will only distract you, take you out of the game momentarily and leave you vulnerable to attack.


My Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun, once described the Wing Chun Forms as schooling, saying that it could be said that Siu Lim Tau is like primary school, Chum Kiu like secondary school, and the Wooden Dummy being like University.


When Sifu was then asked: 


“So which Form is the most important?”


He replied:


“Which ever one you are training at that time”.


So again I say, whatever you are doing in life, stay in the moment and try to find goodness in whatever you do, even if there is discomfort, there is always something good to be found if you allow yourself to be open to it.



On the 1st May, at we started a challenge, our 10-1 Club

Ten weeks, to complete One Million punches

A challenge seeing us now half way through week three,

If you still fancy a bit of a challenge yourself, there is still time.

Why not join us from Monday 5th June for the five remaining weeks

In the Half a Million challenge?

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Thank you.


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