Life’s A Beach


While still enjoying my break in the Isle of Harris I had a wonderful walk along the beach where I stopped to watch the waves rolling in and out and splashing against rocks.

I took this photo while I was there…



Without meaning to have these blogs sound like sermons (Dearly beloved) I couldn’t help but see the Wing Chun in this too.


We’ve all heard Bruce Lee talking about being like water, to have to ability to mold to anything, while being soft and yet having the power to break rocks.

Well, this was just the thing going through my mind while watching the waves, this constant rolling in and out, or if you like, the constant repetition.

Mother nature’s hard core training session eh!


Now, it is not the power of a single wave that has changed the shape of rocks but the constant drilling of the same move over and over, through years, decades, centuries and millennia.


This brings home the importance of training the same technique over and over, and to quote Bruce Lee:

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.


Going back to the waves rolling in and out for a moment, each time they did this I felt it was like a student learning the ‘Wing Chun System’, going through this journey once as it were, believing that just because they have learned the pattern of all the forms that they are now some sort of a master.


So what do we do once we’ve completed everything?

You start again!


Repeating this cycle over and over, with each new beginning bringing new enlightenment, opening your eyes to things you simply DID NOT GET the first time around, or even the last time around.

And by doing this you allow yourself to learn more and more and more.


Developing more and more skill, and possibly more and more power, THEN you will truly be like the waves.




I cannot remember who said it but..

The man who claims to know everything is a fool for his learning has ceased


Do not be trying to see how fast you can learn Wing Chun but how much you can understand it.


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