Learning Through Feeling Instead Of Looking


When I first started training in the early 80’s I would use a mirror (the best piece of equipment you’ll ever get).

The mirror is used to check positions but I believe it needs to be used in a slightly different way also.

If you’re always placing a perfect Tan Sau out in front of yourself in the mirror then there is every chance it’s only perfect because you can see where you are putting it.

Instead try this:

Open your perfect stance in front of the mirror and place out a perfect Tan (or whatever you wish), then when you are happy with it, close your eyes and feel. ¬†Starting at your feet, ask yourself how far apart are they, how do the toes feel and do they have contact with the ground, what’s the weight distribution through the foot, the bend of the ankles and knees with the surrounding tensions, the rotation of the hips, shape of the spine, squareness of the shoulders, height of the chin and every inch of the arm in question, then when you have all that stored within, step away and shake off.

Still keeping your eyes closed, step away and shake yourself off.

Now for the interesting bit….

Step back up to the same area and begin rebuilding from the ground up, from the awareness of the feet, up through the legs and hips, right up to the top of the head and the tip of the fingers, then, you can open your eyes again and use the mirror to see if it looks the same as when you last saw it.

This is a great way to use your mirror.



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