Know The Source Of The Water

For the New Year, my wife and I, and our children of course, are staying in beautiful Wales, a lovely country with some breathtaking scenery, especially where we are in Snowdonia National Park.


This morning we jumped in the car and went to visit Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.


While there I was enjoying watching the waterfalls running through the rocks, obviously from melting snow covering the peaks, when my daughter asked me if you could drink that water.


‘Yes of course’ was my answer, explaining that the water would be very fresh, having been cleaned by the rocks and moss as it ran down, this instantly (and for obvious reasons) reminded me of the Ip Man quote;

“You must know the source of the water that you drink”.


His use of the phrase was in reference to knowledge and in knowing a teacher has lineage and credible skills

This morning however, my reference was a little less glamorous.


Now this is not to say that if someone does not have the best or most direct lineage that there style is lacking quality, but you may like to look at it this way..


Putting a few drops of arsenic into a glass of water, and therefore diluting it, may still be enough to kill a person, but it may also not be as direct or effective as the arsenic bottle itself.

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