Jab Defence (Part 1&2 of 3)


The danger of double jabs


One of the main questions we get asked at WingChun.Online is,

“Do you need a partner to train”


Well I am sure most of you will now be shouting at the screen “Of course you do“, and of course this is true in order to get the best results from elements such as Chi Sau and Sparring, although to be honest, we have found ways to do this virtually too, through our online training, should you have no way of finding a partner.


I would like to add a little point here, and that is that there are many more reasons for wanting to learn, and train, in Wing Chun, other than for street self defence, such as the meditational benefits of Siu Lim Tau, the internal health qualities of Form work, suppleness of joints, breathing techniques, better posture and so on, all of which we need every day in order to keep up with our general well being.


Also consider this, something my Sifu, Ip Chun says:


“Do not train your Wing Chun purely to fight, if so…

You may train for ten or even twenty years for a fight that could last just a few seconds. 

Or it may be that you practice all of your life for a fight that never happens!  

However, you may train for just a matter of months and it could save your life”


Having said all that, let’s get back to the main reason for this blog, ‘Defence of a good jab’.


Now before I get into this, in NO WAY am I being disrespectful to Western boxing as this is something I have great respect for, in fact it is my strong belief that NO style is better than any other, this is always down to the individuals’ skill within that particular style, and NOT the style itself.


Boxing is a great example to focus on here though as in my experience, one of the most difficult things I have noticed Wing Chun practitioners defending against, is a good double jab, in the video below I would like to give you some ideas of how to approach getting over this obstacle, AND, this is something you can train solo too.


I hope you get something from this video and do look out for the next blog, where I look at Part 3 of this training exercise.


Thank you.





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