It’s Good To Be Back


Home sweet home…




Well, after ten days in Barcelona, hidden away in a rented villa, completely off the grid in 650 acres of Nation Park, I now feel re-energised and looking forward to training again.

Although at the moment I am having to stay at home self-isolating with two or my four Covid test having been done so far, but still I have my Zoom classes to look forward to, so it’s not all bad.


Before I get any further into this, I would like to take a moment to Thank so many of our Instructors who kept things running while I was away:


For keeping my classes going, Thank you to James Paylor, to Chris Hurcombe, to Ben Lambe and to Richard Brear, and for assistance in our Livestream sessions, my thanks go to Lucy Fishwick and Alex Yap, it is down to the great work through such students and friends as these, that have kept us strong for the last 30 years!


Now as many of you may already know, here at, we are always trying to encourage the daily pursuit of Siu Lim Tau training, and while I was away this was no exception, in fact it was a joy to play my Forms in the glorious sunshine.

What I did neglect however was my daily run of punches and simple press-ups for general fitness.


Luckily I only missed these for the first three days, but when I tried this again on day four, boy could I feel it.


It is very different for those of you who are still young, when taking a break from training is not such a big deal as it is easy to bounce back, when you get past 50 however, this is not so easy to bounce, and it for this reason that I suggest you always have some daily routine, no matter how simple, and stick to it.


Your Wing Chun training does not need to be crazy amounts, little and often is more than fine, it is great!

After just a few days off and the struggle to return, it reminded me of the wonderful phrase my Sifu is quoted as saying:


“You do not stop Wing Chun because you got old,

You got old because you stopped Wing Chun”



Grandmaster Ip Chun


So keep your training going, get what you can, when you can, and every little helps.


Don’t stop training!



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