An interesting Forum question on Wing Chun, worth sharing.


Is it ok for a Christian to train in martial arts?


Honestly I see nothing wrong with ANYONE training in Wing Chun Kung Fu as it is not a religion and in classes we do not worship ANY kind of deity.


The purpose of Wing Chun should be taken as fun ‘exercise’ with the ‘added’ benefit of self-defense (I’ve never known anyone start Wing Chun just because they had the intention to go out and hurt someone).

Plus I’m sure God would wish for you to look after the body you were blessed with, as well as to intervene and not just ‘look on’ (when possible that is), if an individual was being harmed, be that a child about to be abducted, a girl sexually assaulted or and elderly person being robbed.


We do not teach violence at WingChun.Online, we teach how to avoid it, and the best way to avoid it is to better understand it, hence any reference toward aggression, and even then any reference is toward the aggression of the potential attacker, not you.

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