How Do I Generate Punching Power When Not On A Wall Bag?

Yet another good question posted to me recently.


Driving the punch from the elbow is correct, and when hitting the wall bag you will find the power no problem.  But how is this?


It works like this:

Mass (Your fist) x Velocity (Driving force) = Momentum.

Energy is equal to change in rate of momentum.


This means the faster you go and the faster you stop, will create the greater power/outcome.  It’s the difference between driving at 30mph into a bush or into a stone wall to how fast we stop moving, which creates the damage.


Now, when you drive from your elbow (again this is correct) and hitting the bag (making you suddenly stop) will generate the power/energy, but how do I create this change in momentum when there is no bag?


By focusing on the wrist.


In the same way in Pak Sau drills when you want to ‘Jam’ a Pak, from a relaxed lead hand you can lift your fingers at the point of impact creating a split second wall bag affect for the Pak to hit.

So when you punch, at the point you want to stop put a little more emphasis on the bending of the wrist, almost as if you were attempting to strike with only the bottom knuckle.


Of course this is only something to imagine, DO NOT actually hit with just the bottom knuckle for obvious reasons.


I hope this helps.

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