Hong Kong Day Six

As the days went on and people got used to the pace of life in Hong Kong, our itinerary got much busier.

Once again our day began with training at (Ip Man’s school), the Ving Tsun Athletic Association with my Sifu (Ip Chun) where we were to see many of our Kung Fu brothers for the last time during this visit, not only my personal Kung Fu brothers but also those from Sifu’s class and from Wing Chun Online, so after our session we shared a group photo.




I then took my student’s way up into the New Territories to see Ip Man’s tomb, where we spent a little time cleaning the place and paying our respects.




While there I also showed them the tomb of Lei Man, Ip Man’s close friend and the person who not only help him to escape from China but also to set up his school in Hong Kong.

Sifu asked me many years ago that whenever I was to go to see my Si-Gung (Teachers teacher) Ip Man, that I should also take some time to visit Lei Man and keep his tomb tidy too.

A good man who is often overlooked, and yet if not for him, it’s very likely that none of us would be training today.



We then headed to Sha-tin to the 10,000 Buddha’s monastery, a beautiful place and always worth a visit, providing you like steps and don’t mind monkeys.





Our last appointment of the day was Master Ip Chun’s group class at Sha-Tin Town Hall, every Saturday evening 9.00pm – 11.00pm, a class time you would definitely not get many attending should it be in the UK!



A wonderful session enjoyed by all and the Instructors there were very kind in asking us all to join them for a final group photo.


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