Hong Kong Day Seven

Well, today was to be our last day in Hong Kong and because so, was to be a leisurely one, with little time restraints, oh yes, well apart from a late evening flight that is.

So after packing our cases we started the day with a tram ride into Central for a walk among the many iconic buildings.




Then we caught the star ferry across to Tsim Sha Tsui for Dim Sum (a Chinese, Sunday lunch tradition), always VERY delicious and enjoyed even more so, twenty floors up, overlooking Hong Kong Island.





After lunch we took a stroll along the waterfront and to the ‘Avenue Of Stars’ where for a bit of fun, a pose off was called for, with Steve and myself deciding that after the movie shoot, we’d also become the new faces of Ralph Lauren and Adidas.





Okay, maybe not then.


Our last stop was to be the peak, the classic view point of Hong Kong and a wonderful way to look over the city you’ve started to become so familiar with, even if only for a very short time.




Before we knew it we had collected our cases and boarded the shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport.



The only thing left for me to do now is to thank my Sifu Ip Chun and all of our extended Wing Chun family for making this trip once again a wonderful experience for all of us.

No doubt I will be seeing you all again later in the year, so until then, thank you.




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