He’s Bigger Than You


‘He’s bigger than you’


There are two phrases I like to give my students that I believe can help them better understand certain areas of their Wing Chun.


The first is…

‘It’s a tree’

Which, if you haven’t guessed, relates to understanding the applications of the Wooden Dummy form,

(Take a look at my blog ‘It’s a tree’)


And the second is…

‘He’s bigger than you’


Wing Chun is designed for the smaller, weaker person, to defend against the bigger, stronger opponent.


This phrase can explain why we do some techniques in the way we do.


For instance in section three of the Dummy form, after the outside Pak, Fak Sau, why does the hand retract with a Gum Sau mentality, why would it not be a Kau Sau?

It would be a Kau Sau if the attacker was shorter, but he’s not…

‘He’s bigger than you’


This is the same reason why we follow this sequence with a Mun Sau to the armpit?

Why not the face?


‘He’s bigger than you’




Why do we use a high Bong Sau with the second kick of a double kick?

Well the first kick was to the mid section causing the attacker to double over.

Oh, and is he likely to reach you?


‘He’s bigger than you’


So the idea is this,


If you are using a technique but wonder if it would be better suited used a different way, you may well be right, should your partner be the same height or less.


But if you are struggling to see the logic with the original idea, try to look at it in a different way.

Try to remember…

‘He’s bigger than you’




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